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Rawmest Ayurvedic Red Onion Hair Oil – With Redeny and Natural Dht Blockers, For Strong, Thick and Nourished Hair

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Babool Bark | Kikar ki Chaal | Acacia Arabica | Babool ki chhal, 200 gm

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HadJod-Hadjora-Vajravalli-Raw Herbs-Cissus Quadrangularis-Single Herbs-Jadi Booti (200 Gram)

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  • HadJod-Hadjora-Vajravalli-Cissus Quadrangularis
  • We are providing machine sorted and handpicked Products.
  • We do not use any Harmful Chemicals for Cleaning the Products. We are Providing the Original form of Herbs.
  • Specialty: no artificial colors fresh and pure
  • Special care is taken to use the fresh and pure ingredients, the herbs are properly cleansed and processed
  • 100 % Pure And Fresh Herbs
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Rawmest Hadjod can reduce swelling, relieve pain, treat allied illnesses associated with fractures, and aid in healing fractures. The inclusion of Beta-sitosterol and luteolin flavonoids in hadjod is responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Health Benefits Of Hadjod:

Fortifies Bones And Joints:

Packed with calcium, magnesium and the antioxidant resveratrol, hadjod works to foster proper bone cell growth, regeneration and proliferation, thereby ensuring positive structural development of the body.

Regulates The Digestive Process:

Hadjod has rewarding benefits for digestion, being a noteworthy antimicrobial agent. It is efficacious in maintaining ideal gut flora and combating intestinal bacteria such as E.coli, in essence promoting digestion.

Protects The Hepatic System:

Containing profuse amounts of vitamin C apart from the anti-inflammatory substances triterpenoids and beta-sitosterol, hadjod effectively shields the liver from fatty liver disorders and bile duct diseases.

Acts As An Aphrodisiac:

Hadjod is useful in restoring optimal sexual function in men and women, due to its powerful antioxidant content and serves as a natural aphrodisiac, boosting vigor and stamina.

Efficiently Detoxifies The Body:

Being plentiful in vitamin C and several classes of flavonoids, hadjod effectively flushes out excess food particles, fluids and other harmful remnants from the system, evading their accumulation in kidneys.


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